We help companies that handle chemicals to take legal and active responsibility for their personnel and our environment.

Intersolia provides customised solutions that help businesses that handle chemical products to meet environmental and working environment legislation with the minimum of difficulty. We do this by using an established, scalable model that can include training courses, consultancy services and the market’s leading system support, all to a level governed by your company’s requirements.

A comprehensive, customised solution based on knowledge

Chemical Responsibility is our term for an active and responsible method of working with chemical products and all the stages that are part of a safe and quality assured process. You and your colleagues decide how far to go.

In order for the journey to efficient and responsible chemical management to get off to a good start, the process must begin in the right spirit. Therefore, each new collaboration starts with an assessment of the customer’s existing knowledge and working practice in eight important areas. We then discuss and agree the level of ambition and set concrete objectives. Together, we then take active responsibility for cost effective and sustainable chemical work!

Consultants who are there when you need them

Through our experienced consultants we can quickly offer practical help for all aspects of your company’s chemical work. With your needs as the starting point, we can offer support all the way from strategic level and out into the organisation, in both the short and the long term. 

Our unique operational support makes your job easier

Combining iChemistry with continuous updates of safety data sheets is a winning combination that gives you the best and most comprehensive operational support available on the market. All in a modern interface which is, naturally, adapted for mobile phones.

Advantages of our CMS:

  • Order and structure,
  • Constant access to information,
  • Efficient workflows,
  • Everything is updated – always,
  • Automated processes,
  • Equally as efficient locally as globally,
  • Support for 32 different languages,
  • Easily managed reports and statements.

“We primarily selected Intersolia for the simplicity of understanding the program and the easy-to-follow risk assessment module.”

Maud Stridh, Work environment engineer

“We have the ambition of becoming a top class supplier of forestry machinery for professional foresters, therefore we need a supplier that can grow with us. Intersolia can do that.”

Robert Lindmark, Operations coordinator

“I have worked with Intersolia for a number of years now and have found navigating the system quick and easy to manage as an administrator and a user. Queries are answered quickly and professionally by friendly staff and Intersolia are always willing to listen to ideas how the system can be improved.”

Paul Lowe, Head of QHSE