Our goal – Working together to provide a customised solution

Overwhelmed with chemical safety, COSHH compliance, chemical labels and SDS composing? Imagine if you could rationalise handling and minimise the administration of chemical products and instead focus on your core business. We can help you achieve your goal.

We start the process by benchmarking your business and your existing working practices in eight important areas. We can then agree on your objectives and set SMART goals based around (COSHH) compliance. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will visit your premises to give a full demonstration of the iChemistry system to show how it can benefit your business and gather all the information we need to tailor it to suit your requirements.

Eight step assessment

| External requirements

Do you meet the external requirements and expectations to become a responsible business?

| Compliance

We ensure that you have up to date information regarding current chemical safety legislation in the chemical industry. We can help with Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management, composing and compliance.

| Substitution

Can you substitute the hazardous substance for something safer? We help to create procedures for the complicated work surrounding substitutions.

| Waste/Storage

We will help you review your chemical storage – where and how your chemicals are stored and establish safe procedures for disposal.

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| Purchasing

Buying the correct products in the right way is essential for efficient chemical management.

| Inventory

We ensure that you know what products you have, where they are stored and how they are handled creating a full chemical inventory for your business.

| Risk evaluation

What do you do that involves hazardous substances? How can these cause harm? How can you reduce the risk of harm occurring?

| Information

Do you have relevant and clear information to protect both employees and the brand?