Our goal – a customised comprehensive solution

In order to provide the support that you need, the process must be started in the right spirit. Therefore, we have developed a unique model in eight stages that gives answers to our first and most important question: How can we best help you?

Just think if you could rationalise handling, minimise the administration of chemical products and instead place greater focus on your core activities. It is not hard to imagine. With our help it is equally easy to achieve in practice.

If you want to work with us, we start by making a complete review of the present situation in your organisation in eight different areas. The well-established model gives a picture of your unique existing knowledge, and therefore your future needs. With that information we then suggest a scalable solution where we can decide the level of ambition together. You decide whether we should cover everything or just single areas. Whichever you decide, your company will receive our full support.

| External requirements

How do we meet external requirements and expectations necessary to be a responsible business?

| Compliance

We ensure that you have up to date information regarding applicable legislation within the chemicals field.

| Substitution

We help to create procedures for the complicated work surrounding substitution.

| Waste/Storage

We help you to review where and how your chemicals are stored, and establish safe procedures for waste disposal.

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| Purchasing

Buying the correct products in the correct way is essential for efficient chemical management.

| Inventory

We ensure that you know what products you have, where they are stored and how they are handled.

| Risk evaluation

The purpose of risk evaluation is to identify and prevent risks.

| Information

Relevant and clear information from the company protect both employees and the brand.