Our consultants give you support, when and where it is needed

We provide general HSE services in line with UK and European legislation relating to REACH, CLP, GHS and SVHC. Our experienced consultants can quickly help with all the tasks regarding your company’s chemical work. We adapt ourselves to your needs and can offer support in all areas associated with chemicals including the creation of Safety Data Sheets.

We can assist with creating the correct purchasing procedures to ensure that the right products are purchased from the start. The procedures lead to a better choice of products with regard to environment, health and safety. The consequence of this is that the product range can also be limited, the chemical administration is reduced and the cost of waste management is minimised.

Physical inventory
We provide support during stocktaking of chemical products to create a good overview and simplify phasing out of products that are no longer used. We also help to produce current and correct lists of your products.

Do you have the correct procedures and processes to get the relevant information out to all those affected in the business? If not, we can resolve this by making the information more easily accessible, so that all employees can easily find specific information about, for example, handling, protective equipment and action in event of incident.

Risk evaluation
We can identify risks in your operations and help to develop measures to restrict and eliminate them. With our expertise we can act as a bridge between risks regarding both chemicals and working environment. Good risk assessment makes the working day safer for employees.

We can provide relief at all stages and ensure that your products are handled following the regulations, from purchase to disposal. We review how and where the chemicals are stored, check if they can be stored together and ensure that they are stored safely. We also produce a waste instruction, so that the waste is stored correctly. The safety of all employees is increased by full control over storage and waste as well as reducing the cost of handling.

Within this area, we can help with everything from developing criteria and procedures for substitution to supporting all the substitution work in the operation. With that we can rapidly start to use products that are better from an environmental and health perspective.

Legal services
Reading and interpreting legislation can be difficult for the uninitiated. We can help with interpretation of how your company is affected by the legal requirements within the chemicals field and keep you updated regarding any changes. We can also support you in the work to update procedures and guidance documents as well as to develop action plans. Fast and correct.

External monitoring
We help to compile reports and support with expertise to meet both suppliers’ and customer’s requirements and expectations of your chemical handling. We can also develop action plans to ensure that the company continues to be a credible player, and thereby a supplier of choice.

Is there any area where you and your colleagues need assistance? Contact us and help is at hand.