COVID-19 situation

These are extraordinary times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world we think about those who have been impacted by the virus.

Intersolia UK will follow the instructions given by the UK Government. Although our office in Manchester is not closed, most of us work will be working from home in order to protect ourselves and others wherever possible. This “safety first” principle also applies to all of our European offices as we are an organisation which already has the infrastructure and culture in place to work remotely.

Our customers should also take comfort in knowing that all our business continuity processes are set up to ensure that we can continue to provide the same level of service and accessibility to our products and services seamlessly, whether we work on-site or remotely. During this time, our support teams are available as always, and can be reached through the normal channels such as telephone, e-mail and through our customer portal.

We will continue to monitor the global situation and offer continued support to our employees, customers, and partners as needed.

Take care and stay healthy.

Best wishes
The Intersolia Team

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