We are happy to share our knowledge

We offer training courses in environmental and working environment legislation, REACH, chemicals handling, risk assessment and practical use of our iChemistry system. Training courses can be provided for both individuals and for the whole company, and carried out either at your location or via the web.

iChemistry micro webinars

We are delivering 20 minute webinars for existing Intersolia customers on Friday 8 March and Friday 10 May on the following topics-

1. Inventory products @ 10.00 CET
2. Overview and reports @ 11.00 CET
3. Review for users @ 14.00 CET

These free sessions are aimed at exisiting Intersolia customers who require further information. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions on each webinar.

Registration is via the link here!

Training courses in safe chemistry

Risk assessment 
We go through applicable legislation that covers risk assessments and show how one is carried out using iChemistry. The remaining time is spent in practical work with risk assessments in your business.

Chemical handling (half day)
General chemical training for those using chemicals in operations. Among other things, training covers what makes a chemical dangerous, how chemical products should be handled, how to read a safety data sheet and where such information can be found in iChemistry.

Substitution (half day)
A comprehensive course on how to work to replace dangerous chemicals. We go through what legal requirements apply to substitution and help you with prioritisation and practical information about what you should be considering in that work. Those using iChemistry will also be shown how the system’s documentation tool can be used for substitution.

REACH (half day)
A comprehensive course in the REACH legislation (regulation (EC) 1907/2006), which is the EU’s primary legislation for chemicals. During the training, we go through the most important parts of the legislation, for example candidate list, Appendix XIV about permits and Appendix XVII about restrictions. We also go through the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers, distributors, purchasers and users of chemicals.

Chemicals legislation (half day)
The course gives information about the current chemical legislation and what it means to you as a manufacturer, importer or downstream user of chemicals. We go through the EU regulations, REACH and CLP, as well as national legislation regarding chemicals.

System training courses

iChemistry (full day)
A system training course for chemicals users that provides essential knowledge about our system and how to get the best out of it. The course is usually held at the customer’s premises and using their own system, which creates the conditions for fast, simple and successful implementation.

System training (half day) + Risk assessment (full day)
Training that combines iChemistry and risk assessments. This partly provides the essential knowledge of the system to best suit your tool, and partly teaches the legislation regarding risk assessments and how they can be carried out in your operations.

Specially adapted training
We are happy to provide customised training courses that are adapted to the customer’s wishes and requirements regarding work with chemicals.

Questions about our different training courses? Contact us for the answers.