Our unique, robust chemical management system is subscription based, offering 3 levels of access.

Combining iChemistry with continuous updates of safety data sheets is a winning combination that gives you the best and most comprehensive operational support available on the market. All in a modern interface which is, naturally, adapted for mobile phones.

As well as providing a host of different benefits such as a product register, the complete safety data sheet management and risk assessment, the iChemistry platform also helps to identify environmentally friendly substitutes helping businesses become COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) compliant.


iChemistry provided more than 100,000 users worldwide with information about their chemical products and support for various work procedures every day.

Thanks to its scalability iChemistry can be customised to a smaller local operation or a global group.

Chemical product register
You receive several types of statement and report for the chemical products.

Purchasing and product application
Full control over what chemical products are purchased.

Safety data sheets (SDS) and protection sheets
Always updated and reviewed SDS and access to summarised protection sheets.

Order and structure
Customised structures based on the operations give both an overview and control.

Archiving and history
The information is documented and stored in the system for future use.

Restriction lists and authority reports
Gives an overview over which chemical products are on which different type of lists.

Substitution of chemical products
Simplifies and guides through the task of finding alternative products.

Employee information
Spreads and distributes information to all affected employees.

Risk evaluation and risk assessment
Simplifies and guides through assessment of risk factors in the operations.

Support and operation
Access to expert customer service. Operation is on modern server-based solutions with complete protection.

Can you see some of the advantages of the market’s leading operational support? Get in touch to discover even more.