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Chemical Management Report 2024

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Sustainable Solutions for Safe Chemical Management

At Intersolia, we help companies manage safety and environmental performance, ensure legal compliance, minimize risk and improve profitability by utilizing the expertise of our consultants and market-leading chemical management solutions.


SINCE 1999

Secure Your Environment, Health, and Safety With Our Sustainability Solutions

Never before have we been surrounded by so many hazardous chemicals, and the need for you to work proactively is constantly growing. But managing chemicals is complex work and the legal requirements are increasing by the day. 

Because of this, you need a streamlined chemical management process and up-to-date knowledge of your chemical substances, plus information on how these affect humans and the environment around you.  

Reduce Environmental Impact

Increase sustainability by working proactively to reduce harmful chemicals.

Proactive Risk Management

Work proactively by identifying risk and prevent accidents to increase your workplace safety.

Comply With Policies and Regulations

Gain peace of mind knowing you have reliable information as the basis for your compliance work.


Chemical Management Solutions for Manufacturers, Distributors, and End Users

We make sure that you have an active and sustainable method of working with your chemical products at all stages, in a safe and quality assured process. To do this, we have three different software to help you automate and streamline your work with chemical administration and safety data sheets.

iPublisher for manufacturers, iDistributor for distributors, and iChemistry for professional end users.

Chemical Management Made Easy

iChemistry is our cloud-based solution for end users handling chemical products. Our software helps companies and organizations all over the world manage their environmental impact, safety performance, and compliance to minimize risk and improve profitability.

SDS Authoring has Never Been Easier

iPublisher is a globally compliant SaaS solution for creating, publishing, and distributing Safety Data Sheets, targeted to you who put chemical products on the market. We give you complete control and full compliance. By professionals, for professionals.

Automate and Streamline your SDS-Distribution

iDistributor automates your process of providing safety data sheets to both product sellers and end users. With our software, you get central SDS management and can easily streamline the distribution of your safety data sheets.


Over 20 years of Assuring Our Customer's Success

Join thousands of EHS professionals worldwide who already use our services. We invite you to a private presentation of our chemical management software, where you can try our solutions and catch a glimpse of how we can upgrade and improve your business chemical management.

High Availability All Around The World

You can access our services all hours of each day, wherever you are.

Consultants Ready To Help

Our knowledgeable EHS consultants are here to help when issues or questions arise.

Professional and Quick Customer Support

Our support team can guide you via phone calls and email.

Customer-driven Innovation

Our software is developed in collaboration with both our customers and our market-leading experts.

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